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As of 2001, Apakalips has been deeply rooted in San Jose as a musician and organizer. 
Along with co-founder/friend Mid*One, he created a local freestyle open mic/Hip Hop show, Lyrical Discipline. In addition to the monthly open mic, Apakalips has been hard at work organizing local Hip Hop shows, Emcee battles, hosting BBoys jams along with working on his music. A teacher since 2005- He has been teaching Social Science at San Jose’s Gunderson High School, where he is also the advisor for the school’s Hip Hop club, Strictly Outspoken.

Apakalips has released the following albums/projects:
*2004- Tributaries (group), Cycles of Influence
*2007- The Other Side
*2009- Peek & Apakalips, The Intermission
*2010- Apakalips & DJ Icewater, The Definition

Apakalips has performed with countless local artists and many well-known 
independent artists at Hip Hop shows and music festivals. 
These include the San Jose Puerto Rican Day Festival, the San Francisco Carnival Festival, 
Berkeley’s Hip Hop in the Park, Kevvy Kev’s Drum Anniversary, and the 
Unversal Zulu Nation Anniversary in New York. 
Over the past 12 months, Apakalips has released 4 music videos, which can be viewed on 
Youtube and a number of other websites such as Bignoiseradio.com, 408Inc.com, thebaymusic.com, to name a few. 
Apakalips is currently open for show booking as well as mixtape hosting and interviews. Please 
contact directly.

Mid*One is a visual and performing artist as well as a vocalist. He graduated from San Jose State University; San Jose, CA with his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has worked teaching art classes through the San Jose Museum of Art where he has been employed since January 2001. He has also acted in a number of stage productions and independent films.

Mid*One began writing and recording music on a four-track in 1995 with a small group of Fairfield, CA emcees calling themselves the Crusaydahs. Later, in 2001, Mid*One was introduced to the now infamous Iguana’s (Cafecito) located at 330 South 3rd. Street in downtown San Jose where he matured as a singer/emcee and went on to become the co-founder of Lyrical Discipline. He currently serves as the Thursday night open mic host at Iguana’s calling the show “Cito” as a truncated version of the open mic’s original “Cafecito” title.

“Heaven Send A Synthesizer” is the title of Mid*One’s June 2008 independent six-song EP release which he produced entirely by himself using FL Studio 6 and Cubase SL 3. Since 2008 he has collaborated with many recording artists releasing songs sporadically and is planning on releasing a new solo project in 2012. Mid*One is also a member of the Bay Area, Neo-Soul outfit “SO TIMELESS” and sings with them regularly.

Born and raised in the city of Milwaukee, WI, the emcee known as Leader 1 was summoned to the San Francisco, Bay Area of California after completing undergraduate studies in Tuskegee, Alabama.  A solid upbringing by an elementary school teacher and a minister has given him a well-balanced perspective on today’s world, which can be heard through his songs.  This man blesses microphones with a range of influences from hip-hop, rock, alternative, reggae, soul and more.  Connecting with the crew at Lyrical Discipline had a major impact on his appreciation of the craft and on the general principal of providing a “curse free” outlet in the fading art of the freestyle.  He has released several projects and mixtapes since 2007, toured across the U.S. and had the opportunity to rock mics abroad as well. When not doing his solo hip-hop music or working on collaborations with other like-minded artists, he is the enthusiastic leader of a 5 piece “hip-jazz” band that goes by the name Musical Mutiny (jointhemutiny.com).  Look for Leader 1 to help save the planet and continue to make moves in 2011 & beyond!

About Sophisto: …. ….. ….

Aldo Chaidez was born and raised in San Jose, Cali, and has been Supporting LD since 2002. He occasionally Beatboxes for the crew, but usually stays behind the scenes as a cameraman. I graduated from Santa Clara University, where I founded the Santa Clara University Lyrical Discipline chapter. Soon after graduating Apakalips’ and Aldo worked on the music video ‘The Other Side’, and now with this new revamping of the crew, I look forward to presenting you, the fans, with more footage and media. Stay tuned!

Priceless spawned from southbay slam poetry and San Jose open mic hip hop cyphers. Is a bay area artist inspired by the bay areas’ distinct style of hip hop culture and underground music. Influenced by mc’s such as E-40, Jay-Z, Common, Outkast, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli. Pricele$ sounds like wutever you can put your finger on at the time, otherwise compared to an array of artists such as Charlie Parker to W.C. (exactly!) This 90’s grown artist holds it down for the last of the 80’s babies in every rhyme with vivid lyrics and depictions of sights and sounds from the past until now.

PNut Coming Soon.


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  1. Lyrical Discipline 10 Year Anniversary coming Nov. 2011…. stay tuned!

    September 21, 2011 at 5:26 am

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